Our film blocks out 99% of the suns UV rays and reduces glare up to 93%.


Protect your furnishings by blocking out 99.9% of the suns UV rays and reduce glare up to 83%.


Our cutting-edge crack machine gets rid of 70% to 95% of the visibility away, but most importantly prevents any crack from spreading.


Add a custom look to your lights and protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing.

What our loyal customers have to say…

  •   I had my Aston Martin tinted by these guys and they were polite, professional, the car went in spotless and came out spotless.  Tint looks great, nicely done.  Thanks.

    thumb Adrian F.
  •   They did a great job with the ceramic tint on my car! The guys seemed very knowledgeable with the different products that they use. Would recommend!

    thumb Jamie L.
  •   Norman and his crew are the only people I'd trust to tint my cars -- so far, he's done two: a new Lexus LS600hL and a Mercedes S400 Hybrid (it seems battery power runs in the family). He's one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to what kind of film you should be running (we ended up with Llumar's Air 80 Blue on both cars) and he was one of the only shops that would touch the Lexus (two other shops told me they didn't want to deal with the motorized side window shades -- amateurs).

    I'll be here with my next car, even though it takes 90 minutes to get here (maybe I should continue the hybrid streak and get an i8)

    thumb Charles L.
  •   I got a fair quote which was a tad bit higher than others but the 5 star rating, amazing customer service as well as the professionalism was definitely worth it! They told me 2 hours and it was exactly that maybe a bit less. The film comes with lifetime warranty too which had me sold! I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their windows tinted!

    thumb Justin W.
  •   I've had my BMW for about 6 months now and I said I would get it tinted before the summer heat comes. The first thing I did was ask my friends and friends from school who I should take it to. About 75% of them said VIP and I was like wow this must be the best place. I came here on yelp to check out their reviews and saw that they did have a lot of reviews, over 100.  Almost all of them were 5 stars but there was a couple that were 1 star. That kind of scared me but after reading them I noticed that all the bad reviews weren't even about tint. So going off their tint it looks like they are excellent, so I was sold off of all of the 5 star reviews.

    Going into the shop it was very open, clean, and they had all the films they offer on display. I was quoted $195 over the phone but I upgraded to their formula one ceramic because they had this little heat lamp display that showed me how much more heat it blocks out. Cool little gadget that they had.

    I waited and watched TV for a little over an hour and my car was done. I thought that was a little fast but they said BMW's are very very common here so they have them down pretty good. The tint job looks fantastic and I can honestly say that it does block out a lot more heat than my old car that had tint on it also.

    They also showed me some windshield tint on their little heat display but I wasn't ready for that at the time; but after feeling how much heat it blocks out in definitely going to set up an appointment to get that done in the near future.

    Norman and Dave are great guys and were very helpful helping me choose exactly what I wanted. I didn't really know how I wanted my car to look, but they helped me choose a shade that would look good and help me keep cool. I highly recommend you consider VIP tint to do your window tinting.

    thumb Julz A.
  •   Great service thank you Steve for a great job! Will definitely bring my cars here. Will recommend others to go here.

    thumb Karina B.
  •   Very friendly and helpful. I love my new tinted windows!! Excellent Service!!!

    thumb Carrie A.
  •   Have been using these guys on the last few cars we have owned and they are the best in town! Great prices and super cool guys!! The tint looks amazing!!

    thumb Kelly N.
  •   They have done two vehicles for me so far (within the last three months) and are as good as I have come across.  I recommend without reservation.  Everything is as promised without problems.  What more could one want?

    thumb C H.
  •   I've been seeing these guys since 2006. Had 3 vehicles done by them. These guys are excellent! Definitely the best quality work around. If you're thinking about getting your windows tinted don't hesitate to go see them!

    thumb Shaun T.