Our film blocks out 99% of the suns UV rays and reduces glare up to 93%.


Protect your furnishings by blocking out 99.9% of the suns UV rays and reduce glare up to 83%.


Our cutting-edge crack machine gets rid of 70% to 95% of the visibility away, but most importantly prevents any crack from spreading.


Add a custom look to your lights and protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing.

What our loyal customers have to say…

  •   When I decided to get my car tinted I shopped around in orange county and temecula because these are the cities I'm most commonly at.  Come to find out that the most reputable shops in orange county either carry 3m or formula one, however to prices were around the 400+ range.

    I asked some of my friends in temecula for the best tint shop and 3 out of the 4 said vip tint.  When I called they said they carried both 3m and formula one ranging from 240-300. They also had llumar for 190.  

    So I made an appointment and they gave me the pros and cons of all their brands of films.  I went with the formula one and got a yelp check in discount because i said I found them from yelp.

    The staff was informative and friendly.  I also saved over $100 just by having it done in murrieta.

    Highly recommended.

    thumb Erik P.
  •   Great service.  Friendly people. Good pricing. Pleasure to deal with.   Highly recommend.

    thumb Marian C.
  •   Great service thank you Steve for a great job! Will definitely bring my cars here. Will recommend others to go here.

    thumb Karina B.
  •   Brought in my Silverado to be tinted. The gentleman is very knowledgable and helped me quickly. Tint took a little time, however, the job they did is amazing. Only have had it for few days and looks perfect. They did amazing work and would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Jason V.
  •   VIP Tint took care of me then back in 2008 and they took care of me now in 2016 and backing up their lifetime warranty on the same tint job! They have great customer service and they do top quality work. I will bring my next tint job here and I recommend family and friends to do the same.

    thumb Chris D.
  •   I've taken numerous cars to have the windows tinted, never felt pressured and most of all I've never had any issues. Great quality and professionalism, highly recommended!!!

    thumb Daniel G.
  •   Super fast installation and they even got me in same day on a Saturday. Been on for 2 months and looks great. I would go back.

    thumb Andrea S.
  •   Norm and the Crew did an amazing job!!! Top notch service, fair price and superb customer service... all my cars have been through VIP.. the best in town.

    thumb Mark C.
  •   I just bought a brand new Mazda 3 and got my windows here the day i purchased. I went with the tint below limo and it looks amazing! great quality and great customer service and they will help you when choosing a tint. My car was ready for pick up within 1 1/2hrs on a Tuesday afternoon. Thank you!

    thumb Amber P.
  •   Recently purchased a vehicle and had VIP tint my windows. They carry 3M and Llumar branded tint from metallic to carbon to ceramic materials. I went with Formula One ceramic and their pricing seemed pretty reasonable compared to other tint shops in the area. After the work was done I realized that the tint shade seemed darker than I expected so when I checked the receipt I confirmed that it was the wrong tint percentage. To be fair there must have been some miscommunication on both sides because I signed the receipt with the incorrect shade percentage, so I accept part of the blame. Either way I called the shop and they immediately agreed to redo the windows for a very small fee.

    A week after the install I had a few small imperfections that VIP immediately addressed and fixed. I've gone back to the shop 3 times for imperfections in the install and every single time VIP has been accommodating and willing to help. They simply will not allow you to leave unhappy. Bottom line is this, although the install had a few imperfections VIP has always been willing to make things right. Tint is one of those jobs where its nearly impossible to get right every single time with every single car. You have to find an installer that is willing to accept fault and fix any issues or imperfections even after the bill is settled. VIP is that installer.

    Lastly, I would like to add that my car does have the dreaded dot matrix on the windows and despite VIP's best efforts the dot matrix area does have some areas of inconsistency. But again, this is something that even the best tint installers have issues with. I'm just adding this point for future customers who would like know if VIP has a special fix for this area, which they don't unfortunately.

    thumb Roland M.