Our film blocks out 99% of the suns UV rays and reduces glare up to 93%.


Protect your furnishings by blocking out 99.9% of the suns UV rays and reduce glare up to 83%.


Our cutting-edge crack machine gets rid of 70% to 95% of the visibility away, but most importantly prevents any crack from spreading.


Add a custom look to your lights and protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing.

What our loyal customers have to say…

  •   I've been seeing these guys since 2006. Had 3 vehicles done by them. These guys are excellent! Definitely the best quality work around. If you're thinking about getting your windows tinted don't hesitate to go see them!

    thumb Shaun T.
  •   I've taken numerous cars to have the windows tinted, never felt pressured and most of all I've never had any issues. Great quality and professionalism, highly recommended!!!

    thumb Daniel G.
  •   Brought in my Silverado to be tinted. The gentleman is very knowledgable and helped me quickly. Tint took a little time, however, the job they did is amazing. Only have had it for few days and looks perfect. They did amazing work and would recommend them to anyone.

    thumb Jason V.
  •   I got a fair quote which was a tad bit higher than others but the 5 star rating, amazing customer service as well as the professionalism was definitely worth it! They told me 2 hours and it was exactly that maybe a bit less. The film comes with lifetime warranty too which had me sold! I definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get their windows tinted!

    thumb Justin W.
  •   Took my car here after seeing good reviews on Yelp expecting good quality and customer service. Originally decided to tint only the back of the car and front passenger windows but later on decided to do the windshield and the sunroof. One of the workers made a rude comment that I should of told them earlier because they would of been done. Excuse me don't you want the business?

    When they were tinting the front passenger window they noticed small chips on the glass and informed me. They recommended that I contact the dealer to see if they would replace it so that they would not put on the tint.  I contacted the dealer but heard no response so they put on the tint anyway. I was told by them to bring Bach the car when the window was replaced and they would only charge me $20. 2 weeks later after replacing the window I make an appointment and was also told again it would only be $20. I take the car back in to retint and the price was not disclosed to me at that time. Once it was completed I go to pay and am told it was going to be $40. I explain to him that I was told $20 but he refuses to accept what was previously agreed upon. I just pay the $40 to get out of that store. For a business to get good ratings on Yelp I expect good service and a quality product. VIP tint is not that. Subpar service without holding to pricing agreements, bad worker attitude. I Would NOT spend another penny in this store NOR RECOMMEND them to family or friends. Definitely NOT a customer from here on out.

    UPDATE! Just got done getting the tint and a big bubble appears. Unfortunately have to take it back. When I get back there I explain that a bubble appeared. Same guy tells me that it needs time to cure and I explain to him that it is a big bubble. I ask him to look at it and he says "for what?"  He reluctantly takes a look at it and he admits it's  a big bubble. I tell him if I leave it this way the bubble will stay. I am hoping they fix it correctly because I really don't want to come back to this place again! Btw he argued with me that I rolled down the window when I know for a FACT I didn't. WTF admit that mistakes are made, I am ok with that but don't say I did something when I know I didn't. Hoping their fix works otherwise I will pay someone else to remove tint and retint. I really regret this purchase!

    thumb Benny A.
  •   Norman and his crew are the only people I'd trust to tint my cars -- so far, he's done two: a new Lexus LS600hL and a Mercedes S400 Hybrid (it seems battery power runs in the family). He's one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to what kind of film you should be running (we ended up with Llumar's Air 80 Blue on both cars) and he was one of the only shops that would touch the Lexus (two other shops told me they didn't want to deal with the motorized side window shades -- amateurs).

    I'll be here with my next car, even though it takes 90 minutes to get here (maybe I should continue the hybrid streak and get an i8)

    thumb Charles L.
  •   Super fast installation and they even got me in same day on a Saturday. Been on for 2 months and looks great. I would go back.

    thumb Andrea S.
  •   Great service.  Friendly people. Good pricing. Pleasure to deal with.   Highly recommend.

    thumb Marian C.
  •   I have owned 13 vehicles and had each one Limo tinted all the way around...some more than once due to fading. I've gone to several tint shops over the years and have always had the tint fade to some shade of purple. Finally in 2010 I was referred to VIP Tint and have never been happier. The quality of the film is 2nd to none and service is fast and friendly. I will never go to another shop again. I have had 4 vehicles tinted by them now. You pay for what you get.

    thumb Fred M.
  •   Called in the morning, got an afternoon appt same day. Shop was neat and professional looking, comfy couches and they let me pick a Netflix show of my choosing while they tinted my ride. It was hard for me to go anywhere other than my regular shop, but now that I live down here, I think this will be my new regular shop.

    thumb Ryan T.