Our film blocks out 99% of the suns UV rays and reduces glare up to 93%.


Protect your furnishings by blocking out 99.9% of the suns UV rays and reduce glare up to 83%.


Our cutting-edge crack machine gets rid of 70% to 95% of the visibility away, but most importantly prevents any crack from spreading.


Add a custom look to your lights and protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing.

What our loyal customers have to say…

  •   I'll update this review after they've done work on my house or car, but I just wanted to give them a five-star shoutout for the better than on-time arrival and communication plus super friendly and professional estimate experience!

    Donny was knowledgeable and shared some really good info about different tints etc.

    I'm stoked to hire them soon to not only fix a bunch of house windows but also a couple in my car as well!

    Thanks Donny ūüôā

    thumb Kimmi H.
  •   I've had these guys tint 2 SUVs for me, and both times they did a great job. Quality products, good work, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend them.

    thumb Kate M.
  •   For me to rate places with a 5 star means they had to of done something right. Vip tint + glass had proven to me that they are one of the best window tint experts in town.

    They are very knowledgeable and will give you the best advices for the films you'll want or need. We have taken high end show cars to our daily driven vehicles here to get worked on.

    There's a reason why this shop gets featured in magazines for their work place. That reason is because of quality work.

    You guys will have my business for as long as im around.

    Thanks again!

    thumb Henry B.
  •   Thank you for the quality and rapid service. ¬†This is our 2nd time and we are very happy with the tint.

    thumb Kim Y.
  •   I took my previous car here and they did such a great job that I brought my new one here. They are so helpful in picking the right shade and explaining the product. I got the ceramic pinnacle and it looks really great, thanks guys! Well worth the money. Plus if you check in on yelp you can get $20 off.

    thumb Kristen J.
  •   So they did a really good job on my 2015 Chevy Camaro. The tint looks really awesome!!! I went with the darkest tint possible (because I'm a vampire lol)... I had called beforehand and they quoted me $170 for all the windows except the front obviously lol and the sunroof was not included in that price. But that is fine with me because I feel like it is weird to tint the sunroof. If I want the sunroof open, then I'm looking for some sun otherwise I wouldn't open the sunroof.... At least that's how I see it, makes sense right? Lol anyway that is what they told me over the phone, when I arrived though they said they had to charge to remove the light factory tint that came on the Camaro. It was just on the back and 2 back windows (which are tiny little triangle windows). Anyway so that was a bummer because it was more than what we originally expected and were quoted. So total came out to $230 to tint my Chevy Camaro. Still not a bad deal though overall. It took them about an hour and a half to do it start to finish. I'm happy with my windows! Just have to male sure I don't roll down the windows for 3 days now! Lol

    thumb Britney M.
  •   My family and I have had numerous cars (over 10) tinted at VIP and the overall experience has been excellent every single time. The quality of work is top level and the customer service is outstanding. The facility is clean with a very professional appearance. If you have any questions, their associates are patient and always helpful. After shopping around, why make your decision based on + or - $10.00 without seeing a shop's capabilities? Their staff is full of young, energetic workers... do not confuse that with inexperience. Stop by and see what they can do for you.

    thumb Ben D.
  •   Wanted to surprise my husband so I called to ask a few questions over the phone first. To my surprise he actually asked me questions back before answering. Typically these industries will just answer your questions shortly and seem annoyed but he actually cared about what I was trying to accomplish, gave me advice, and different scenarios. The end result was perfect, and hubby is stoked. Thank you! Will be bringing my business back

    thumb Candace W.
  •   Was referred here by one of my friends . I'm so happy with the outcome ! My car looks amazing ¬†! Norman & the whole staff at VIP tinting are very friendly, & they took time to describe all the types of tints they have and the pricing . They offer life time guarantee also! The shop is very clean, they also have a nice comfortable, indoor waiting area with couches and Tv ¬†. I'm a very satisfied customer and i highly recommend . Thanks guys ūüôā

    thumb Shaleen R.
  •   This shop came highly recommended and now I know why. ¬†Took my brand new 2018 civic type R to them for a tint job. ¬†All I can say is I am 110% satisfied. ¬†This is one top notch shop--the guys at VIP Tint are awesome. ¬†After some great recommendations by Dave, who was super informative (I was indecisive), I opted for Llumar formula One Pinnacle 30% ceramic tint all around and Llumar air blue 80 ceramic tint on the windshield. ¬†Norman and crew got it done in under 3 hours, and that's including letting the car sit under the sun for 20mins. ¬†The staff members are very personable and knowledgeable and gave me great advice. ¬†Norman is meticulous and careful with the install. ¬†He was extremely careful with the car and took the extra time to make sure the films were perfect. ¬† No power cord rubbing against the wing or paint either. ¬†Everything was lined off with plastic. ¬†Couldn't be more pleased with the work and the finished product. ¬†Highly recommend these guys. ¬†You won't regret taking your car to them.

    thumb Benito S.