Our film blocks out 99% of the suns UV rays and reduces glare up to 93%.


Protect your furnishings by blocking out 99.9% of the suns UV rays and reduce glare up to 83%.


Our cutting-edge crack machine gets rid of 70% to 95% of the visibility away, but most importantly prevents any crack from spreading.


Add a custom look to your lights and protect them from delaminating, flaking, and yellowing.

What our loyal customers have to say…

  •   I took my previous car here and they did such a great job that I brought my new one here. They are so helpful in picking the right shade and explaining the product. I got the ceramic pinnacle and it looks really great, thanks guys! Well worth the money. Plus if you check in on yelp you can get $20 off.

    thumb Kristen J.
  •   Reviews don't lie! Over 150+ reviews and STILL 5 stars. There's a lot of options when it comes to having your windows tinted in my area. We did what most people do, and used Yelp to help us make that decision and we're glad we did. Even though we've had a car tinted here before, we still shopped the options and it just turns out that there isn't a better choice when comparing the quality, cost and timeliness of having this work done. Dave specifically at VIP was extremely knowledgeable and helpful and made us feel like we were making the best choice for our vehicle needs. The car was done quickly, and the tint looks how we wanted it and functions as promised with regard to heat reduction. I just wanted to send appreciation to the whole crew and recognize Dave specifically for being our connection to the business and the reason we'll continue to both bring our vehicles there in the future and recommend this place to our family and friends. Until the next vehicle gentlemen....THANK YOU!

    thumb Travis T.
  •   This shop came highly recommended and now I know why.  Took my brand new 2018 civic type R to them for a tint job.  All I can say is I am 110% satisfied.  This is one top notch shop--the guys at VIP Tint are awesome.  After some great recommendations by Dave, who was super informative (I was indecisive), I opted for Llumar formula One Pinnacle 30% ceramic tint all around and Llumar air blue 80 ceramic tint on the windshield.  Norman and crew got it done in under 3 hours, and that's including letting the car sit under the sun for 20mins.  The staff members are very personable and knowledgeable and gave me great advice.  Norman is meticulous and careful with the install.  He was extremely careful with the car and took the extra time to make sure the films were perfect.   No power cord rubbing against the wing or paint either.  Everything was lined off with plastic.  Couldn't be more pleased with the work and the finished product.  Highly recommend these guys.  You won't regret taking your car to them.

    thumb Benito S.
  •   Had a mess of glue and thin layer of film stuck on my rear window from poor removal of a previous tint job.  Took it into VIP Tint, because some other places wouldn't bother without it.  They cleaned up the glue and film while keeping my defroster functionality and the had it tinted all for a very fair price.

    Highly recommend them, I'll be coming back here for all my tint jobs.

    thumb John T.
  •   Norman and his crew are the only people I'd trust to tint my cars -- so far, he's done two: a new Lexus LS600hL and a Mercedes S400 Hybrid (it seems battery power runs in the family). He's one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to what kind of film you should be running (we ended up with Llumar's Air 80 Blue on both cars) and he was one of the only shops that would touch the Lexus (two other shops told me they didn't want to deal with the motorized side window shades -- amateurs).

    I'll be here with my next car, even though it takes 90 minutes to get here (maybe I should continue the hybrid streak and get an i8)

    thumb Charles L.
  •   Have been using these guys on the last few cars we have owned and they are the best in town! Great prices and super cool guys!! The tint looks amazing!!

    thumb Kelly N.
  •   Great work. Five windows in 2.5 hours.

    The price was lower by 300 from other shops for the better ceramic tints.

    This was the second they have done for us. But they have done around 30 cars from all my friends.

    This place is the right place for good work at a good price

    thumb Todd C.
  •   These guys do a great job and have tinted my past two cars.  I just had them tint my 2018 F-150 and they did a fantastic job!  Thanks guys!

    thumb Jonathan A.
  •   Really nice job tinting my wagon windows.  Three days after /-I still had a few bubbles-- but they touched up free of charge.

    thumb Emma Jasper W.
  •   VIP Tint took care of me then back in 2008 and they took care of me now in 2016 and backing up their lifetime warranty on the same tint job! They have great customer service and they do top quality work. I will bring my next tint job here and I recommend family and friends to do the same.

    thumb Chris D.